Chief Executive Officer
Jennifer Ryan Safsel
Email: Ex. 21

Chief Financial Officer
Lisa Teddone
Email: Ext. 11

Senior Program Director
Jocelyn Lemely
Email: Ext. 26

Aquatics Manager
Delvyne Santiago
Email: Ext. 22

Aquatics Coordinator
Kimra Macri
Email: Ext. 15

Sailfish Swim Team Coach
James "Jace" Young
Email: Ext. 30

Membership, Operations, and Community Outreach Manager
Dafne Ginn
Email: Ext. 25

Facilities and Grants Manager
Shaleza Yassin

Kidz Club Afterschool & Summer Camp Site Manager
Tanisha Miller

Kidz Club Afterscool - Webster Site Manager
Marie Alphonse

Healthy Living Coordinator
Angela Hultberg
Email: Ext. 13

Rentals / Inquiries
For Pool: Delvyne Santiago
Email: Ext. 22

For Facility: Dafne Ginn
Email: Ext. 25


Contact Our Front Desk!

(914) 632 -1818